Bluestone Powder Vertical Mill

Bluestone Basic Information

There are industrial applications in the Bluestone Powder Vertical Mill is a Bluestone. Bluestone is a non-toxic, tasteless, non-radioactive, etc., which gradually replaced the asbestos harmful to human health, a new material in the new century green building materials. After special processing technology can maintain its unique needle-like structure, the added impact resistance, flexural strength, abrasion resistance Bluestone needle powder, calcium silicate board, fire board and other materials are greatly improved. In the field of construction materials, Bluestone will be more widely used.

Bluestone Powder Vertical Mill

Bluestone Powder Vertical Mill

Bluestone should present the different needs of the market, mining equipment industry continues to innovate and improve, Bluestone Powder Vertical Mill has launched a Bluestone Powder Vertical Mill, which depending on the different sectors of the Bluestone powder fineness requirements, Bluestone there Bluestone Raymond Bluestone Powder Vertical Mill, high pressure grinding Bluestone, Bluestone hanging roller Bluestone Powder Vertical Mill, Bluestone Bluestone ultrafine Bluestone Powder Vertical Mill, which can reach 3250 mesh finest.

Bluestone Powder Application

After Bluestone Powder Vertical Mill high fineness of grinding process can be applied Bluestone Bluestone, chemicals, metallurgy, paper, plastics, paint and other industries. Its specific use in different industries. Adding an appropriate amount of Bluestone powder in a ceramic raw materials, can greatly reduce the sintering temperature and shorten the baking time, to achieve a low-temperature fast firing. Bluestone is also to have a good reinforcing properties, the coating can enhance the toughness and durability, and can keep the surface of the coating and good smoothness and gloss. After special processing still maintain its unique acicular structure, so that adding Bluestone powder white paper, increase its whiteness, opacity, smoothness, improved printability, and a variety of other materials can be greatly reduced used in an amount to reduce the overall cost of the paper products. In modern industry, with the development of science and technology continues to progress and nanotechnology. I believe in promoting Bluestone Powder Vertical Mill innovation and development, Bluestone will more effectively take advantage of multiple industry sectors in life, and therefore have a better development prospects.

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